Colours to enhance

This week I participated in a webinar conducted by Lynne Copp of The Worklife Company and the CMI. The webinar was entitled 5 Top Tips for Style and Confidence. During the webinar, a particularly interesting section of the talk concentrated on colours and how they can enhance a presentation and also assist the presenter, by what they choose to wear, in having greater presence. I found it fascinating and so this evening, I share with you what Lynne shared with us in her webinar.

Summer time – success and failure

Summer time has arrived and with it there will be the opportunity for many successes – perhaps a wonderful holiday, exam success, the joy of surviving the last few months in the working environment, the BBQ in sunshine, getting tickets to the summertime festival you wanted to attend etc. But there may also be times that feel more like failure than success – the holiday that didn’t quite live up to our expectations, the exam results that don’t get us into the university or college that we wanted, the day out with friends that doesn’t go to plan etc.