Running out of drive? Not getting on with a colleague? Even the most high-powered business person has doubts about the decisions that they make on a daily basis, or whether or not they even want the job. With all these things, it could be time to start with a business coach.

I am often asked if coaches really are necessary. Couldn’t any attentive and thoughtful friend provide a listening and advisory service? I don’t believe that a friend could provide the same service as a business coach. Of course, people could meet a friend for lunch and spend the entire time whinging about their job, but actually the friend may not be entirely interested in listening and they may say what they think you want to hear. Business coaches are usually quite tough and have the ability to show you what you already know deep down. A fundamental tenet of coaching is that the client knows better than anyone else what he or she needs to succeed.

Even people who appear to be confident and successful sometimes need to be able to discuss problems confronting them. This doesn’t always involve a major career change, but might simply be a matter of day to day management. Coaches don’t look into the past to explain behaviour as a therapist might; instead they focus on the present, and on planning the best strategies for the future.

So, is coaching right for you?

  • Find out whether your company funds coaching for employees, or think about paying for the sessions yourself (My clients are 50% paid for by employees, 50% funded themselves)
  • Before finding a coach, talk to two or three to find out whose style suits you best
  • Think about what method of communication suits you – some coaches only work face to face in order that they can understand your body language too, some work by telephone or skype
  • Think about the cost. The cost of coaching varies enormously, depending on how long the meetings take, how frequent they are and on the coach’s experience and training. Some clients buy sessions in bulk, others pay as they go.


A few thoughts about business coaching