As we approach 2018, my blog this month concentrates on methods that can make each day a little easier. High flying people tend to lead high-stress lives, meeting deadlines, achieving targets and often juggling children and a hectic social life too. Occasionally the stresses and strains can seem overwhelming, however there are ways to cope and remedies that can be turned to.

  1. Release frustration by taking up a sport. Many activities will help dispel pent-up agression, and help release stores of adrenalin built up during the day. Activities which are currently popular include Bounce (jumping on a small trampoline in a class), HIIT (a short, highly active 20 min session), kick boxing etc.
  2. Turn off your mobile phone and any other devices for some ‘down time’ each day. Many people keep their mobile phones and other devices switched on all the time, but it can be a mistake to never be logged off. You should try to do without your phone for even a small proportion of the day.
  3. Meditate in traffic jams or when you have a spare five minutes. Sometimes it can be advantageous to readjust your perspective. You can meditate in the office or on a park bench – anywhere infact! It is not about what is happening externally; you are retreating into a space of inner silence. Beginners don’t need to close their eyes, simply focus on a particular thing and try to clear your mind. You don’t have to let a backlog of emails or an argument with a boss dictate how you feel for the rest of the day.
  4. Mindfulness. In my previous blog, I wrote of mindfulness. Perhaps read a book on mindfulness or take an online course. There are many different types of mindfulness activity, but even doing one activity such as mindful eating, could have a good effect.
  5. Make time during the week for treats! Your treat could be for example, a manicure, time in the spa, dinner at your favourite restaurant, time at the theatre or cinema. Life cannot be all work, work, work – there has to be an element of fun to every week.
  6. Outsource. No one can do everything so outsource what you don’t have time to do or don’t enjoy doing – this could be administration (there are now so many virtual assistants that can do this for you), cleaning and ironing etc.
Tips to sail through the day in 2018