Mental health stories have dominated the newspapers over the past 1-2 years. Recently I was saddened to read in the media of the tragic death of Kate Spade. Someone whose brand had such colour and life, whose designs appeared to scream joy. Just so sad – someone who seemed to have so much, but someone that we sadly no longer have in the world.

It is now estimated that one in six Britons will have experienced a mental health issue in the past week. A year ago, the focus was on those people who felt that they had an issue to speak out. This year, more work is being put on the health industry to be proactive rather than reactive, and help to manage issues of stress and anxiety before they grow severe.

Two areas that I am very much involved in myself are mindfulness and life coaching. From the articles that I read in the journals about the ever-increasing number of companies that are bringing mindfulness sessions into the workplace, and the increased number of sessions that I am booked for, it is extremely evident that more and more people are finding mindfulness in the workplace to be helpful. (I would be unable to present on the subject, if I did not fully believe that it can bring great benefits to every level in the workplace). And with regard to the life coaching, often people need a qualified individual who is not a work colleague or a relative, to speak to, perhaps once a week, once a fortnight or once a month.

Being fit and healthy is so frequently spoken about as helping mental health. Throughout 2018, fitness professionals are anticipating that guided classes will become more popular. It is felt that working out as a group instead of as an individual, boosts mental well-being, physical fitness and emotional stability to a far higher degree.

Kate Spade designed a beautiful pocket mirror with the words ‘Hello Sunshine’ printed on it – I hope that I can continue to being an element of ‘Hello Sunshine’ to those that I work with for the next 6 months of 2018.

Mindfulness and Life Coaching Assisting Mental Health