Tips to sail through the day in 2018

As we approach 2018, my blog this month concentrates on methods that can make each day a little easier. High flying people tend to lead high-stress lives, meeting deadlines, achieving targets and often juggling children and a hectic social life too. Occasionally the stresses and strains can seem overwhelming, however there are ways to cope and remedies that can be turned to. 

Mindfulness – can it help you to gain promotion?

Recently I have been running workshops on mindfulness to employees of local companies. These workshops haven’t covered every element of mindfulness, but have been a taster and hopefully from them, all the attendees will have left with a much better understand of what mindfulness is, and what it is not. Even if they do not put everything into practice, I feel that there will have been perhaps one or two exercises that they are easily able to incorporate into their every day life.

Work/Life Integration – my tips as we approach a new school year

As we come to the end of the summer holidays and the start of a new term for school children, I have been coaching two clients recently on the subject of work/life integration. Both clients have been finding that the juggling act between both work and their family/personal life has become too difficult. They each wanted that they could alter their lives in order that they felt in control of both their work, and also their family/personal life. Due to the speed of life at present, made worse frequently by technology and the fact that people can now rarely be completely ‘out of the office’, many people do feel that their lives are running away with them and no element of their life is quite as they wish it to be.

Informational meetings

Recently a client asked me how they could find out more information about the health sector, apart from what they could find on the internet. I spoke to my friends in recruitment to find out exactly what are the best methods currently to get the inside track on an organisation which will assist someone in getting employment and this is what they said:

Ask your friends and colleagues if they know anyone in the sector that you could speak to. Look through their friends on Linkedin and see if any of them work in that sector, and say, ‘X, would it be possible that you could introduce me to Y’. Usually people are delighted to help.

Happiness in the office

Do you feel that you work in a happy office? Is it an enjoyable environment to work in? No matter what industry one may work in, I believe that it is always possible to create a happy working environment. Sometimes it can be hard, for example, if an organisation is going through a redundancy programme, it is going to be hard for a happy vibe to be created.

Signs of a poor boss – why good employees quit

An article that I enjoyed reading over the summer was by Travis Bradberry and featured in Forbes magazine. It was entitled ‘9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit’. This article highlighted the fact that in most cases, people don’t leave jobs; they leave managers. With the majority of coaching clients that I am working with, who are considering leaving their jobs, it is true that I have yet to hear, ‘I’m just bored in my job’. Instead what I hear are comments such as, ‘I refuse to work under a micro-manager’, ‘My manager doesn’t know how to manage and lead a team’ and ‘My manager considers their bullying behaviour to be normal’. So looking at six of the nine areas that Travis Bradberry focused on, what do bad managers do?

Your image at interview

I have spent the majority of June and July, working with local schools in the preparation of their pupils for prefect, university/college and apprenticeship interviews. In my previous career as an Army officer, I thoroughly enjoyed assisting my soldiers in their preparation for Sandhurst interviews, and now I get that same feeling as I develop pupils for their interviews.

In my group and individual sessions, much time is spent examining an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, thinking about which questions are likely and how to respond and deciding the most useful experiences to talk about.