The fear of change

Over the Easter holidays, I enjoyed reading an article in the Telegraph entitled, ‘The rise of the ‘holiday repeat’’. According to a recent survey by holiday protection firm ATOL, a third of British people who take foreign holidays return to the same place every year. Not only that, many of them return to the same restaurants and bars, too. I wasn’t at all surprised by this article for I am one of those people. Not only do I return to the same restaurants and bars, I also want the menu to be exactly the same as on previous holidays.

How coaching can assist with public speaking

If the thought of giving a speech at a wedding or another occasion, fills you or someone you know with absolute terror, may I suggest 1-3 sessions of coaching. Over the past 17 years, I have worked with many men and women, to develop their confidence when speaking in public. The great thing about a fear of speaking in public is that no one is unique in their fear.

Vision Board Sessions – Mon 29 Feb

Next week I am running vision board making sessions on Mon 29 Feb commencing at either 10am or 7.30pm. These sessions will give the participants time to think about their goals, and the fun of sticking images of their goals to their board or frame. A vision board is a combination of collage and mind-map, a display of images of how you would like the forthcoming year to be. The key aspect is that it visually represents what you would like in your business and/or life.

Dreams can come true at Christmas and throughout the year!

Last year my husband and I were fortunate in being able to attend a talk given by Stephen Payne OBE, the designer of the Cunard ship, Queen Mary 2. He told a story that it was at the age of 5 whilst watching Blue Peter that he decided that he wanted to be a designer of ships. In May 1965, the programme did a tour of the Queen Elizabeth and he said that he was hooked from that moment (Isn’t it incredible the positive power that occasionally television can have?).

Spectre – your next mission, should you choose to accept it –

Britain’s (and the world’s) favourite secret agent is back on the screens today. The first outing for James Bond since 2012’s astounding revelations in Skyfall, Spectre is already looking to pip it to the post on eventful history for Bond. With the title of the film relating to the infamous criminal organisation against which Bond was last pitted in Diamonds are Forever (1971), the film looks to take a deeper delve into 007’s past.

Leadership and the All Blacks

Today I was fortunate to attend a talk given by James Kerr, author of ‘Legacy – 15 lessons in Leadership, What the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life’. In 2010, he was given full access to the All Blacks and wrote what is meant to be, the best book ever written about the All Blacks. Below are some of the beliefs of the All Blacks that he shared with us, and some insights of his time with them.

Colours to enhance

This week I participated in a webinar conducted by Lynne Copp of The Worklife Company and the CMI. The webinar was entitled 5 Top Tips for Style and Confidence. During the webinar, a particularly interesting section of the talk concentrated on colours and how they can enhance a presentation and also assist the presenter, by what they choose to wear, in having greater presence. I found it fascinating and so this evening, I share with you what Lynne shared with us in her webinar.