Where does coaching take place, and how long do sessions last?

I work face-to-face and also via Skype as I believe that these methods produce the most effective relationships between client and coach and consequently the best results. Face-to-face sessions take place at my office in Felsted, Essex (10 mins from Stansted), or sessions can take place at places of work. On occasion, sessions may take place in other appropriate and mutually agreed locations. Clients choose the length of their sessions - usually sessions are 60 mins, but on occasion I have been asked to conduct 90 or 120 min sessions.

What times can I have my sessions?

I work weekdays and evenings. I always endeavour to fit in with your needs.

How many coaching sessions do clients need, and how often do the sessions take place?

This very much depends on where you are now and what you’d like to achieve. I offer open-ended coaching, which means that you determine how long you wish to continue coming to sessions. You may want to work with me regularly (every two weeks, for instance) for a defined period (such as three to six months). Or you may prefer ad hoc sessions to deal with specific challenges as they arise. Alternatively, you may want to work on longer-term goals, and have a regular monthly session, for instance.

What happens between the sessions?

In your coaching sessions, we'll formulate actions to help you move forward. Following each of our sessions, I will email you a summary of what we have discussed and the action plan.

What about confidentiality?

I frequently work with several clients from within the same industry. Confidentiality is paramount. My ethical way of working is key; confidentiality is assured at both an individual and corporate level (subject to any requirements placed upon me by law). Feedback to the corporate organization can be provided only with the express permission of the individual being coached.


How can a client get the best out of coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative endeavour, so be ready to put energy and commitment into our work. This includes prioritising ‘me time’ for yourself to prepare for your sessions.In each session, have your diary with you and pen and paper to jot down thoughts, insights and actions. The notes taken can very positively influence the quality and effectiveness of our work together.

I’m not sure if coaching is for me – how can I find out?

Prior to all coaching, a preliminary introductory meeting takes place between myself and the client to ensure that the ‘chemistry’ works. This is not charged for. Although coaching is very powerful, it isn't appropriate for every situation, and I will always endeavour to suggest an alternative way forward should this be the case.

What is your professional background?

My experience includes sixteen years in the military. Apart from the UK and Germany, my leadership has been tested in Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. I've developed and led teams of HR specialists, specialising in Equality and Diversity, and also Bullying and Harassment, and enjoyed other varied posts.

As a coach, I undertake regular supervision and professional development. I'm also qualified in Personnel Management, PRINCE2, and Strategic Leadership and Executive Management. I am a Chartered Manager and a member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Are you the right coach for me?

The 'fit' between client and coach can make a vital difference to the effectiveness of coaching. If I look at the people I work best with, some characteristics stand out. In particular, they are honest and direct, with me and with themselves. My clients are thoughtful and open to change. They are conscientious about attending their sessions and following up on any actions agreed. They want someone who is 100% interested in them and who understands them. They want concrete, practical coaching to help them achieve it. Some of my clients come to me with what could be described as ‘huge’ issues, others come with what could be described as ‘smaller’ issues, however, I consider all issues important and the support that each client receives from myself, is equal.